University Heights Christian Church


Wedding Policy

The purpose of University Heights Christian Church's (UHCC) marriage ministry is to prepare engaged couples for a life-long, God-glorifying marriage; to assist in the preparation of the wedding ceremony; and to provide assistance after the wedding to help the couple maintain and enrich their marital relationship.

It is our desire that your marriage be the happiest relationship possible, and that it be all God intends it to be.

God created man and woman and from the beginning intended that they be joined in marriage so that each might give what the other lacked alone. Since God designed the marriage relationship, it makes sense that He knows best how to build a happy marriage.

When we read the Bible, we find several basic principles which must be understood and applied if we hope to experience joy and fulfillment in marriage. Ignoring these principles will result in frustration and possible failure in the marriage relationship.

Because we are committed to building strong marriages, we want to share the following guidelines. Our purpose is not to condemn or reject anyone, but to comply with God’s principles for marriage and to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in how UHCC uniquely carries out its mission in the world.

  • Because we desire to meet the needs of our own congregation, we will only marry couples where at least one of the persons is a member of UHCC or a close relative of a member.
  • We encourage a minimum of three months (preferably four) of marital preparation, and couples who desire to be married at UHCC are required to participate in premarital counseling by the senior pastor. While the actual number of sessions can change depending upon the situation (at discretion of pastor), 2-3 is mandatory. 
  • Couples being married at UHCC must both have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, committed to establishing a Christian home and be members of a local church (if not UHCC).
  • Divorced persons may be considered for marriage at UHCC should they meet one of the following Biblical criteria:
    • former spouse is deceased (Romans 7:2, I Corinthians 7:39)
      Note: Even though the divorced believer may remarry, if the separation was for unbiblical reasons and initiated by him/her, the person must confess the divorce as sinful and repent of it.
    • divorce occurred prior to conversion (II Corinthians 5:17)
    • divorce occurred because of sexual unfaithfulness by spouse (Matthew 19:3-9)
    • desertion by an unbelieving spouse (I Corinthians 7:15)
    • former spouse initiated divorce and has remarried (Romans 7:3)
      Note: If a person was divorced for unbiblical reasons, and both the man and woman have remained unmarried, the divorced couple will be counseled to be reconciled.

If a divorced person answers negatively in all cases, acknowledging that other extenuating circumstances often relate to divorce, a meeting with one or more UHCC elders may be arranged if desired by the couple to consider their individual case.

We encourage persons not to remarry until at least one year has passed from the time a divorce is finalized.

  • In case of premarital pregnancy, the marriage may or may not be performed depending on the maturity of the persons involved and other considerations.
  • Couples must remain celibate and not live together at any time prior to the wedding ceremony. The senior minister will not perform the ceremony if the couple is living at the same address.
  • We do not marry couples if either person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (other than those prescribed by a doctor) before or during the rehearsal and/or wedding.

Note: Any member of the wedding party who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the wedding. There is to be no smoking, dancing or alcoholic beverages on the church property at any time. 

  • No rice, confetti, birdseed, etc. allowed inside the building.

Facility usage and labor costs

  • Use of sanctuary (wedding and rehearsal): No charge.
  • Use of fellowship hall for rehearsal dinner (only if applicable): No charge.
  • Use of fellowship hall for reception (only if applicable): No charge.
  • Minister (optional donation--includes pre-marital counseling): $100*
  • Sound person (mandatory if needed): $50*
    Note: Only a UHCC-provided sound person is allowed to operate the soundboard.
  • UHCC instrumentalist/vocalist (only if applicable): $50 (per person)*
    Note: non-UHCC-provided instrumentalists may use the church’s piano and organ at no cost—all other instruments must be self-provided
  • UHCC custodian (mandatory) $75*
  • UHCC facility coordinator (mandatory) $50*
  • UHCC-sponsored meal for rehearsal dinner or reception (only if applicable): Varies, depending upon needs.
    Note: UHCC kitchen facilities will not be made available if food and drinks are catered in. No food or drinks are permitted in the sanctuary, on the fellowship hall stage or near any electrical equipment (i.e., soundboard, microphones).      

 * Payable directly to the persons—do not make checks out to church.  All persons to be compensated within 24 hours of wedding date.